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Jason Zheng jxzheng at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 22:11:37 UTC 2013

Hello there. This is my first post in this mailing list. A little self
introduction. My name is Jason Zheng, and I am a hardware/embedded engineer
new to RTEMS. I have a lot of background experience working with FPGA, and
some working experience writing c code with RTEMS. I have some questions
regarding the status of IDE drivers on the leon3 bsp.

Our setup is the following:

GR-CPCI-UT699 LEON <http://www.gaisler.com/doc/GR-UT699_User_Manual.pdf>3FT
dev board
RTEMS 4.10 (Gaisler RCC 1.2.2)

We are in the process of adding some flash storage to the system to log
data, and after reading the RTEMS filesystem wiki I believe the best way is
to add a compactflash device via the cPCI backplane.

I've looked at the fileio example, and the system.h seems to indicate that
RTEMS_BSP_HAS_IDE_DRIVER points to the existence of a BSP-provided IDE
driver. I looked at the gaisler-provided leon3 bsp tree, and it doesn't
appear to provide any ide driver or define RTEMS_BSP_HAS_IDE_DRIVER. So I'm
guessing that there isn't any ide driver available for leon3, is that right?

If that's the case, the question is whether it's possible to port another
IDE driver from a different bsp to leon3. Has anyone done anything like
that before? If not, do you have any suggestion (which ide driver to port,
which compactflash card to get, etc.) regarding this subject?


Jason Zheng
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