confused about the rtems tool chain for windows.

Tom Smith venture.g at
Mon Feb 18 12:01:29 UTC 2013

hi, all

I am now confused about the rtems tool chain for windows.

I read the wiki  *MinGW Tools for Windows*
and realised that the rtems tool chain for windows does not depend MinGW
and MSYS.

So  I downloaded the tool chain of arm for MinGW from the following address

Then I extracted the bz2 files using 7z and set PATH in CLI under windows
following the instructions found in the above wiki page.

Finally, when I tried to compile a helloworld example c file, the tool
chian failed with the following complaint
"*arm-rtemseabi4.11-gcc.exe: error: CreateProcess: No such file or directory
*". By adding the `-v' option, I found the reason is that `as'
program(\opt\rtems-4.11\arm-rtemseabi4.11\bin) is an empty file.

Note that I did not install MinGW and MSYS ,  and no rtems bsp had been
installed on that computer.

I did the above steps again under mingw32, and got the same result.

So is the tool chain broken ?  Any sugguestion will be appreciated.  thanks
in advance.


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