Error while building gcc for toolset for RTEMS

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Fri Feb 8 09:57:40 UTC 2013

Hi All,
Thanks for all your suggestions. The problem was, library cache was not
updated. Now I have successfully built my tool chains for rtems-4.11.
But now I am facing problem in building the RTEMS itself.
I have built my tool set for rtems-4.11 but I am not able to find
RTEMS-4.11 source code in git repository and CVS. All I see is that most
current version is rtems.4.10.2. So I downloaded the code for rtems-4.10.2
and tried to build it.

 I am configuring the rtems with following command:

* ../rtems-4.10.2/configure --target=sparc-rtems4.11 --enable-rtemsbsp=sis
--disable-posix --disable-networking --disable-cxx --prefix=/opt/rtems-4.11
And the error I got when I do make all is following:

*configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH
make[2]: *** [sis] Error 1
Actually after getting the error I saw  "*
{build-dir/sparc-rtems4.11/c/sis/config.log}*" and problem was that in
PATH: it is not including "/opt/rtems-4.11/bin"  but in *
"{build-dir/sparc-rtems4.11/c/config.log}*" the PATH variable is proper.

And my PATH variable is set to : *

I have looked the previous mails regarding this problem and most common
cause of this error was PATH variable but I think my PATH variable is
proper. I am not able to figure out why it is happening?


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> > Aside from the (relatively useful) advice that you may want to try
> > the prepackaged solutions, if you continue with building your own
> > tools you may want to check that mpc/gmp/mpfr are being found. If
> > you built/installed them separately from GCC then you need to add
> > the install point to your library path, e.g. export
> > to where you installed those libraries. If you are using a single-
> > tree build where you link the source for those libraries, then gcc
> > should find them itself. The error you sent is indicative of a
> > missing library.
> >
> If you continue on the path of building your own tools, the command
> "ldconfig -p" is your friend.  This command will show you all the
> libraries known and cached.  If you installed a library from source and
> don't see it listed, you may need to run "ldconfig" as root to update
> the cache.  I've mostly seen this out-of-date cache problem on
> Fedora/CentOS systems but it can't hurt to check.
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