RTEMS on a softcore

Steven Grunza sgrunza at ctdi.com
Mon Feb 11 14:29:46 UTC 2013

In the “low cost FPGA” market is also the BeMicro FPGA.  I haven’t done much with mine but here’s a few details:

*	Cyclone® III EP3C16F256C8N FPGA
*	16 MHz clock oscillator
*	3 status LEDs
*	8 user LEDs
*	80-pin edge connector

$49 price on Altera’s web site, not sure what distributor’s S&H adds.

The edge connector is a funky, small form factor but Samtec makes a receptacle so you could, in theory, build a small carrier board with what-ever physical connectors you need.  






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Keep it on the mailing list.  That looks like a good one too.  All good suggestions.  So many options.  Ideally, I would like a single board capable of running RTEMS, with at least 128 MB of RAM, SD flash card, Ethernet or wifi, with 1 or 2 DAP's, an i2c pin, RS-232 interface, and with at least 6 hardware PWM GPIO pins.  I want to put this in my quadcopter.  I already have a micro controller driving the rotors and connected to the sensors, but rather than adding a CPU, I want to combine them in a single board.  One of my coworkers likes playing with FPGA's, so I said I would see if I could find an FPGA with soft core.

On Feb 11, 2013, at 6:43 AM, Jiri Freyvald <jiri.freyvald at gmail.com> wrote:

	Hi Mathew,
	that's funny, I have the same thoughts.
	My goal is to port LEON3 on xilinx board, but i'll probably start with something like microblaze.
	Actually yesterday i ordered this board: 
	(prize is $140)
	So on some stage we could probably somehow exchange information.
	With regards,
	Jiri Freyvald
	On 10/02/13 13:01, Mathew Benson wrote:

		Has anybody got RTEMS to run on an inexpensive FPGA based board?  I'm looking at:




		Does anybody have a BSP for this?  Any inexpensive Altera boards?


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