beaglebone black and RTEMS

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jul 11 04:34:37 UTC 2013

王峰 wrote:
> Hi All
> I am pretty new to RTEMS. I am thinking to use RTEMS for beaglebone
> black for some
> real time control. But I don't know what what is the status of RTEMS on
> beagleboard.
> A quick search on google didn't yield a satisfying answer. I wonder if
> anyone here
> can tell me what is the status. Does it run stable? UART, I2C and SPI
> driver avaliable?

There is a patch around for the first beagleboard. I think it was in 
github. Beagleboards use different processors so you need to determine 
which OMAP device you have and update the BSP. The BSP needs work to 
bring it up to the current 4.11 ARM support.

We would love to have Beagleboard support in the tree.


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