Re : Inconsistency between bsp structure and erc32 user manual

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Jul 24 21:20:09 UTC 2013

Jiri.. do you recall anything about this?  The code in question is:

   volatile uint32_t    First_Failing_Address;                /* offset 
0xa4 */
   volatile uint32_t    First_Failing_Data;                   /* offset 
0xa8 */
   volatile uint32_t    First_Failing_Syndrome_and_Check_Bits;/* offset 
0xac */

Antoine.. we are happy to receive a patch for this. Please
submit one.

My only concern is whether this is a vestige of something
that really matters. My suspicion is that it can be safely
changed or, at worst, a comment added that some early
generation parts had trouble with these registers.


On 7/24/2013 4:33 AM, lacroix.antoine at wrote:
> Hi Matias,
> I guess the structure definition and the defines below are a bit outdated and correspond to a time where the ERC32 was a three chips processor. There must have been some initial definition of the "erc32" expected registers.
> If you have a look at atmel's implementation (tsc695), on pages 6&7 you will see that these two offsets A8 and AC are indeed used for GPIO instead of Failed address offset and syndrome.
> I assume these structure fields are never directly used by RTEMS kernel itself so this "modified usage" has no impact (except the structure/documentation names mismatch).
> Hoping it helps,
> Regards,
> Antoine
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> Objet: Inconsistency between bsp structure and erc32 user manual
> Hello,
> we are using rtems 4.10 and the ERC32 microprocessor.
> When we tried to use the GPIO we found that there is an inconsistency
> between bsp structure for erc32 memory mapped registers and the erc32 user
> manual.
> In the bsp structure for erc32 memory mapped register (erc32.h) says:
>   First_Failing_Data; /* offset 0xa8 */
>   First_Failing_Syndrome_and_Check_Bits;/* offset 0xac */
> But, in the erc32 user manual it says that for the same offsets another
> register names are used:
>   General-purpose Interface Configuration Register 0xA8
>   General-purpose Interface Data Register 0xAC
> We successfully used the GPIO according to the erc32 user manual. Do you
> think that the structure ERC32_Register_Map should be fixed?? or is there
> something that I'm not seeing??
> Thanks in advance and best regards,
> Matias
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