Re : Inconsistency between bsp structure and erc32 user manual

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Wed Jul 24 09:33:02 UTC 2013

Hi Matias,

I guess the structure definition and the defines below are a bit outdated and correspond to a time where the ERC32 was a three chips processor. There must have been some initial definition of the "erc32" expected registers.
If you have a look at atmel's implementation (tsc695), on pages 6&7 you will see that these two offsets A8 and AC are indeed used for GPIO instead of Failed address offset and syndrome.
I assume these structure fields are never directly used by RTEMS kernel itself so this "modified usage" has no impact (except the structure/documentation names mismatch).

Hoping it helps,

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we are using rtems 4.10 and the ERC32 microprocessor.

When we tried to use the GPIO we found that there is an inconsistency
between bsp structure for erc32 memory mapped registers and the erc32 user

In the bsp structure for erc32 memory mapped register (erc32.h) says:

 First_Failing_Data; /* offset 0xa8 */

 First_Failing_Syndrome_and_Check_Bits;/* offset 0xac */

But, in the erc32 user manual it says that for the same offsets another
register names are used:

 General-purpose Interface Configuration Register 0xA8

 General-purpose Interface Data Register 0xAC

We successfully used the GPIO according to the erc32 user manual. Do you
think that the structure ERC32_Register_Map should be fixed?? or is there
something that I'm not seeing??

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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