[Gsoc]CAN driver

Jin Yang jinyang.sia at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 06:58:00 UTC 2013

HI have built a basic Linux environment based on QEMU. We recompiled a minimal Linux kernel. This is only have the properties that we need. We can start Linux using NFS now , so it's easy to change files and run something programs.

I have read some source files about QEMU, got a little idea about how qdev or QOM work. I think pci-serial or isa-serial may be similar to CAN hardware simulation which we want to build. So, we can develop the CAN based on serial.

In the following days, I will try to figure our how to use isa or pci serial in Linux. However I still do not known how Linux manage device. I think this can be done in a week. Then we can build CAN later much easier.

I have another question about how to start a new mailing list thread? Does this just means communicate through mailing list.

Jin Yang.
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