Integrating RTEMS with ARM Cortex R4

Pritesh Gudge priteshgudge at
Wed Jun 5 16:03:45 UTC 2013

> > 1. Check if the CPU is supported: Cortex-R CPUs are supported as per the
> > wiki page
> Yes, the Cortex-R is supported.  You should use the Thumb-2 instruction 
> >
> > 2. Write a BSP for the requisite Board as it is not available for mine -
> > This part I will figure out in due time.
> >
> > But kindly confirm statement 1.
> > I have read your previous comment about the template LPC32XX BSP.
> > I will be using the Texas Instrument Microcontroller TMS570LS3137 for 
> > development.
> >
> > I just need a confirmation whether my understanding to this stage is
> > correct. Only then will it make sense to commit to developing the 
> > BSP.
> I added a Cortex-A9 BSP recently.  If your chip uses the GIC interrupt 
> controller, then please use the code in


Thank you for your reply. As far as I checked my device allows
the use of the ARM GIC interrupt controller. I will look into this 
and also that it is backward compatible with codes from ARM9 and ARM11
architectures. I will look into this.
Please keep us updated on all your additions to the ARM support.
Also, if this is not possible how may I keep track of the same?

Thank you.

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