Herschel Out of Helium

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Thanks! And great work by the whole RTEMS community!

There are tons of astronomical discoveries based on Herschel...
But for a collection of some of its most beautiful images, see:

A short summary of the RTEMS usage in Herschel can be found on
the RTEMS wiki http://wiki.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/Herschel

Its sister project Planck (recently giving us the more exact age of the
universe as 13.82 GYear +/- 50 MYear) and a lot of other interesting
projects like Galileo (Europe's own GPS) and GAIA (charting one billion
stars, to be launched October 2013) are also listed at:

/Johan Zandin
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>ESA's Herschel observatory has run out of helium to cool its
>instruments. This will end the 3 year mission.
>Hopefully some of the folks who worked on that program will
>pipe up and share some of the discoveries.
>Great work!
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