Unused Variable Error while building binutil-2.20.1

manish jain manish8886 at gmail.com
Tue May 21 21:37:10 UTC 2013

As I am working with leon3 and Gaisler is currently using rtems4.10 bsp
therefore I am trying to build rtems4.10. I was able to build rtems4.11

But, now as I build following binutil packages:

"ftp://ftp.rtems.org/pub/rtems/SOURCES/4.10/a/[image: File:]
the patch
"[image: File:]binutils-2.20.1-rtems4.10-20130320.diff<ftp://ftp.rtems.org/pub/rtems/SOURCES/4.10/binutils-2.20.1-rtems4.10-20130320.diff>".(last
updated on 03/20/2013)

I am facing various "unused variable compile error".

For example:
"rtems-4.10/binutils-2.20.1/bfd/verilog.c:225:15: error: variable ‘address’
set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]"

I have tried to change these files(by removing these variable). But it
seems this error is spreading at many place.
I checked with my previous
was for rtems4.11). . It was building fine and those above variables were
not present in this packages.

Am I using correct binutil package for rtems-4.10?

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