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Gempeler Stefan Stefan.Gempeler at nanotronic.ch
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First I would like to introduce myself: the last couple of years I
developed software for PCs and embedded systems (always worked on "bare
metal" ARM etc. or on a runnung "big" OS). Therefore I never had to use
and set up an OS on an embedded system. Now I have to evaluate one for a
space project which should run on the following hardware:


- Xilinx Virtex4, PowerPC405

- Evaluationboard: ML410

- final design: RAM: max. 192 kB for program and data

Our system should support (estimation):

- 5 threads

- accurate system time

- around 5 interrupts: peripheral (UARTs + IO)

- around 5 mutex

- around 5 semaphores

- ...


I came across the RTEMS project which seems to be very interesting.
Since I'm quite unexperienced in setting up such a system, I went
through the documentation and some websites which made me build a
"running" system:


- built the rtems system with the system builder:



- set up eclipse inspired by 

> http://www.rtems.org/pipermail/rtems-users/2012-February/009439.html


- working on RTEMS commit e67025e3900f23e1b9a25b939d7bff37a9c5e9f0


- made some changes on BSP "virtex"


- took the init.c from examples-v2/hello (tested all 3: Classic, POSIX,


-> now I've got a "Hello World" application running on the evaluation
board using an UART as stdio J



So far so good, now my Questions:


1. When I try to add some code the system, it does not work anymore.
Well, I'm not surprised when I consider my tinkering ;-)


2. The test program is only a simple "Hello World" and it already
consumes 2/3 of our memory, which is a no-go:

   text       data        bss         dec        hex    filename

126520    1724      4004   132248   20498  o-optimize/rtems-app.exe


   Ok, I'm sure that the system I put together is not optimized at all,
but I'm still quite surprised...


3. I also got stuck (and confused) using interrupts:
rtems_interrupt_catch() as mentioned in the RTEMS C User's Guide seems
to be deprecated. Tried the BSP_install_rtems_irq_handler(), but didn't
succeed either...


4. Most important: To have a good feeling about the correct setup of the
system, I would appreciate to get in touch with an expert who helps me
to move on setting up for evaluating RTEMS. Where can I get such
additional support for our system (http://support.rtems.com/ and
http://www.rtems.com/support.html seems to be down)?


Thank you very much!


Kind regards

Stefan Gempeler












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