Building arm-4.11 toolchain on Ubuntu 13.10

Alan Cudmore alan.cudmore at
Mon Nov 4 01:42:12 UTC 2013

I recently tried building an rtems 4.11 arm toolchain using RTEMS source
builder on the just released Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit.

The build fails on binutils/bfd/doc/bfd.texinfo.

If I patch the bfd.texinfo file as follows, it will build successfully:
:~/Desktop$ diff binutils-2.23.2-orig/bfd/doc/bfd.texinfo
< % I think something like @colophon should be in texinfo.  In the
> % I think something like @@colophon should be in texinfo.  In the
< % Blame: doc at, 28mar91.
> % Blame:, 28mar91.

I also had to make the following change to the
rtems-gcc-4.8.1-newlib-cvs-1.cfg file in RSB:
:~/Desktop$ diff rtems-gcc-4.8.1-newlib-cvs-1-orig.cfg
< # Incompatible with Texinfo 5
< %if %{__makeinfo_ver} >= 5.0
<  %error Incomaptible version of makeinfo found!
< %endif

Essentially commenting out the check for Texinfo > version 5.0


After these two changes I was able to get a clean build of the
arm-rtems4.11 tools and build RTEMS for the Raspberry Pi.

Since I have it set up, I can try other toolchains as well, just let me

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