Program exited normally. SIGTERM

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Sep 18 18:51:47 UTC 2013

Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
> Dear all:
> I`m having a strange problem in my code. Its runs for a few hours and it
> finishes with this message:
> *Program exited normally. SIGTERM*
> or using gdb and grmon,
> *program exited with code 0320*
> It`s an undesired exit, but I can´t discover where and why it`s
> happened. There are some method to track this bug? The app is a rtems
> multitask running on Leon3 with grmon.

I would run within gdb and set a break point in 'exit' and then do a 
backtrace using the 'bt' command. This should provide help find the area 
where the fail is happening.


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