lm3s8962 was Re: Contact - RTEMS tests

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Wed Sep 18 20:29:15 UTC 2013


supported stellaris socs are: lm3s6965, lm3s3749 and lm4f120. Anyway, 
lm3s8962 looks like a fury class that means the most similar should be 
lm3s6965.  Creating BSP for this means really just a bit of hacking in 
c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/lm3s69xx -- configure.ac, custom cfg, linkcmds 
(here lm3s6965 looks like the same), and various C files. The advantage 
of current multi-family stellaris BSP is that you will get nice #error 
message on compilation and will know exactly where to touch code in 
order to add proper support. Usually adding just SOC #ifdef if the 
feature is supported is enough to get it going...

IMHO it should be less work than what I did for LM4F120 since this was 
more different from LM3x than LM3S8962 looks and even for LM4 the work 
was really minimal...


On 09/18/13 09:54 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> On 3/14/2013 1:19 PM, Gustavo Luiz Pasqualini wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am a student of Masters in Mechatronics by IFSC (Federal Institute of
>> Science and Technology).
>> My research includes testing different RTOS (hard and soft)
>> The ideia is to load(port) in the same hardware these compatibles RTOS.
>> The plataform is the Kit Luminary lm3s8962(Stellaris Arm Cortex - Texas)
>> and after make the tests.
> I think this is a supported BSP but I am not sure. So changing the
> subject to attract someone who might answer definitively.
> What specifically do you plan to do? Comparing RTOSes is difficult
> since you have to be careful you are doing the same operations with
> different APIs.
> Also simply the scope of what is implemented impacts performance.
> We have very full featured mutexes which not surprisingly are slower
> than simple, minimal implementations without features like Priority
> Inheritance or Ceiling Protocols.
>> Do you have any material / documentation / articles / monographies about
>> RTOS for i attach in my work?
> Everything is on the web. There are some published papers but nothing
> as general as what is there.
> Anything specific you want?
>> I need help to prepare the documentation of this work!
>> Best Regards
>> About the Tests:
>> My idea is to load this RTOS in the Kit Luminary lm3s8962(Stellaris Arm
>> Cortex - Texas) and make a lot of tests.
>> The tests include a lot of things how to verify the latency of a RTOS,
>> how much non deterministic a RTOS is, control a servo motor and
>> simultaneously make calls for get the status of the interfaces of the
>> kit and verify if the time of these processes(threads) are served,
>> execute simultaneously processes and verify the scheduler of the RTOS
>> selecting the process by priorities, allocate memory(instances of
>> objects) and verify the velocity of this job, etc.
>> I will consider the same activity for different RTOSes!
>> My research is public!!
>> Thanks!!
>> Gustavo Pasqualini

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