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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Sep 18 19:54:41 UTC 2013

On 3/14/2013 1:19 PM, Gustavo Luiz Pasqualini wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a student of Masters in Mechatronics by IFSC (Federal Institute of
> Science and Technology).
> My research includes testing different RTOS (hard and soft)
> The ideia is to load(port) in the same hardware these compatibles RTOS.
> The plataform is the Kit Luminary lm3s8962(Stellaris Arm Cortex - Texas)
> and after make the tests.

I think this is a supported BSP but I am not sure. So changing the
subject to attract someone who might answer definitively.

What specifically do you plan to do? Comparing RTOSes is difficult
since you have to be careful you are doing the same operations with
different APIs.

Also simply the scope of what is implemented impacts performance.
We have very full featured mutexes which not surprisingly are slower
than simple, minimal implementations without features like Priority
Inheritance or Ceiling Protocols.

> Do you have any material / documentation / articles / monographies about
> RTOS for i attach in my work?

Everything is on the web. There are some published papers but nothing
as general as what is there.

Anything specific you want?

> I need help to prepare the documentation of this work!
> Best Regards
> About the Tests:
> My idea is to load this RTOS in the Kit Luminary lm3s8962(Stellaris Arm
> Cortex - Texas) and make a lot of tests.
> The tests include a lot of things how to verify the latency of a RTOS,
> how much non deterministic a RTOS is, control a servo motor and
> simultaneously make calls for get the status of the interfaces of the
> kit and verify if the time of these processes(threads) are served,
> execute simultaneously processes and verify the scheduler of the RTOS
> selecting the process by priorities, allocate memory(instances of
> objects) and verify the velocity of this job, etc.
> I will consider the same activity for different RTOSes!
> My research is public!!
> Thanks!!
> Gustavo Pasqualini

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