rtems source builde git repository

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sat Aug 9 03:11:24 UTC 2014

On 9/08/2014 1:01 am, Hoefle Marco wrote:
> Hello,
> in rtems source build commit 2be445d2aafae21849c5d626b3787e2ab1ac846b
> this works:
> %define Source0 git.nanotronic:rtems.git?reset=hard?pull?branch=gr-4.10
> rtems source builder output:
> git: reset: git.nanotronic:rtems.git
> git: pull: git.nanotronic:rtems.git
> git: checkout: git.nanotronic:rtems.git => gr-4.10
> With the latest commit 8c19df26f679f53f22144c43b3141278e19da80e (and
> commits before probably as well)
> rtems source builder complains about malformed url.
> Is this as the URL does not start with git:// ?

You have not provided any output so it is difficult to say. I suspect it 
is related to the changes I talk about below.

> Does anybody know why?

This commit ...


removed support for 'Source0' and 'Patch0'. Please refer to the 


for details.

The %source0, %source1, etc and %patch0, %patch1, etc were difficult to 
maintain and with this change there is no number and so no clashes. All 
you do is add the source or patch.


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