newlib fails to build

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Aug 29 21:55:39 UTC 2014

You are missing the zlib-devel RPM. Perhaps the check could include headers and libraries. But this looks like GCC should check and fail also.

On August 29, 2014 4:32:08 PM CDT, "Shifflett, David (CIV)" <shifflett at> wrote:
>Having gotten CVS access,
>my build using the source builder progresses further,
>but still fails.
>I am running on Fedora 19.
>says everything is ok.
>../source-builder/sb-set-builder --log=l-sparc.txt
>--prefix=$HOME/development/rtems/4.11 4.11/rtems-sparc
>returns an error. Below is the end of the rsb report
>../../gcc-4.8.3/gcc/lto-compress.c:28:18: fatal error: zlib.h: No such
>file or directory
> #include <zlib.h>
>                  ^
>compilation terminated.
>make[2]: *** [lto-compress.o] Error 1
>make[2]: Leaving directory
>make[1]: *** [all-gcc] Error 2
>make[1]: Leaving directory
>make: *** [all] Error 2
>shell cmd failed: /bin/sh -ex 
>error: building sparc-rtems4.11-gcc-4.8.3-newlib-19-Aug-2014-1
>I did a search for zlib.h and found it at
>Any help would be appreciated,
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