MVME5500 1 Gbit Ethernet no longer works

Charlie Strohman crs5 at
Thu Jan 16 14:55:18 UTC 2014

I recently bought 2 new MVME5500 boards from Emerson. They have changed 
the chip that supports the 1 Gbit ethernet interface from an Intel 
82544EI to an Intel 82545GM. As a consequence, the 1 Gbit interface no 
longer works, and the BSP issues the message:

    "i82544EI device ID not found"

Has anyone seen and fixed this? Might it be as simple as accepting the 
PCI Device ID of the new chip? I'm using RTEMS 4.10.2. I looked at the 
newest version and it seems to be the same code. I have not yet probed 
into the hardware to see what ID value is being returned.

The ID of the older 82544EI is 0x1008 (from 
"cpukit/include/rtems/pci.h), which according to the 410 page Software 
Developer's Manual is the default value if the EEPROM is not programmed.


Charlie Strohman
231 Wilson Lab
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

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