Dynamic loader + File System

Valentin BOUSSON ml-rtems at belphegor.eu
Mon Jan 20 17:12:52 UTC 2014

Hello, I'm new on this mailing-list,
I bought a STM32F4 - DISCOVERY board to play with, and I succeeded to 
compile and run a lot of simple, led / LCD / audio project I found 
online. I was using the Sourcery arm compiler chain.

But my next ambition is little harder, I would like to adapt one of my 
existing program, based on a plugin-mechanism, on my stm32. So, I was 
looking for an RTOS being able to manage a simple system, in the Flash 
memory, or in an external SD card.

So, I was wondering about RTEMS, is it possible / easy to set up a file 
system, and a dynamic elf loader on top of the OS ?
I used to call dlopen, dlsym in order to load in RAM the code of my 
dynamic librairies, and I'm looking for such a mechanism.
Any idea ?

Thank you. :)

Valentin B

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