Dynamic loader + File System

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Jan 20 22:48:47 UTC 2014

On 21/01/2014 4:12 am, Valentin BOUSSON wrote:
> Hello, I'm new on this mailing-list,
> I bought a STM32F4 - DISCOVERY board to play with, and I succeeded to
> compile and run a lot of simple, led / LCD / audio project I found
> online. I was using the Sourcery arm compiler chain.

Which one ? They vary in the amount of RAM and this is important.

> But my next ambition is little harder, I would like to adapt one of my
> existing program, based on a plugin-mechanism, on my stm32. So, I was
> looking for an RTOS being able to manage a simple system, in the Flash
> memory, or in an external SD card.
> So, I was wondering about RTEMS, is it possible / easy to set up a file
> system, and a dynamic elf loader on top of the OS ?
> I used to call dlopen, dlsym in order to load in RAM the code of my
> dynamic librairies, and I'm looking for such a mechanism.
> Any idea ?

The RTL project supports ARM and I will be working to integrate last 
years GSoC work plus look into any outstanding issues soon. It however 
needs RAM.

RTEMS has JFFS2 support however I am not sure how much RAM it uses.


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