4.11 Release Requirements Branching

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Jan 13 12:48:26 UTC 2014

Hello Joel,

some notes regarding your list:

The following are things that MUST be resolved before 4.11 is branched:

     Tools stabilized on known versions
         Looks impossible to have all tools on same GCC version.
         Some GDB simulators do not support Mingw. We will likely have to 
accept that.

-> Yes, some targets seem to lack proper upstream support.

     All BSPs must build without error

-> Is this with all tests enabled or just the samples?

     Select BSPs must run tests without errors
         List of BSPs and acceptable conditions TBD

-> Some tests fail due to bugs which will likely be not fixed for RTEMS 4.11.

     Coverage run and baseline for release agreed to
         Need to set coverage goal for either ERC32 or LEON3 and meet it.
     Address Getting Started manual
         RSB not mentioned for one
     All GCI patches reviewed and merged as appropriate

-> Ok.

     All GSOC projects reviewed and evaluated for merger.
         Minimum is a plan for future

-> The last parts of atomic operations project (phase-fair read-write lock) 
will be fully merged during the SMP progress, so it should not delay the RTEMS 
4.11 release.

     Release procedure on git defined

The following are things that WOULD BE NICE to be resolved before 4.11 is branched:

     Warning reduction pass
         Focus on all SPARC BSPs, select PowerPC, ARM and MIPS

-> I have no resources for this.

     All test .doc files in place and updated to not have XX_method RTEID form 
of name.
     POSIX and Classic affinity APIs in place
         May not have scheduler with support.

-> I would should do all further SMP related changes in the next RTEMS release.

     OS Web Monitor in network demos
     Pok and i386 hyopervisor patches

-> No opinion here.

To be discussed:

     Status of USB and new TCP/IP stack

-> We should not couple the RTEMS 4.11 release with the network stack progress.

-> We should add the next RTEMS version number to the Bugzilla (e.g. 5.0) and 
move the milestone for all open bugs or fix them.

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