[HansHuang]Which is Nano-X version as scr_mx1sl.c?

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at pikron.com
Mon Jul 28 10:43:50 UTC 2014

Hello Hans,

On Thursday 24 of July 2014 12:29:46 黄喜 wrote:
> Hello Pavel,
>         I'm very  glad to receive your mail again.
>         I simulated successful the Microwindows with RTEMS on CentOS6.5,
> but I use the i386 tool chain compiled, I run many demos in
> microwin/src/bin directory. I used GSoC 2012 Version of the RTEMS Graphics
> Toolkit
>  I through below command simulate is Ok.

good to have fedback.

> /path/to/pc386 -D -i
> /path/to/build/rtems-graphics-toolkit/microwin/src/bin/demo

> And now, I 
> change the cross compile tool ,it is ARM, I compile the gumstix BSP Ok, and
> I compile the RTEMSGraphicsToolkit successful also. Generate some demos in
> microwin/src/bin directory. But I through rtems-testing/sim-scripts script
> file qemu-gumstix, gumstix, all failed. I use    ./gumstix -D -i
> ../../rtems-graphics-toolkit/microwin/src/bin/demo the "cannot find skyeye"
> message shown.

I have no experience with skyeye simulator and it seems that
you do not have it installed.

> I use  ./qemu-gumstix -D -i
> ../../rtems-graphics-toolkit/microwin/src/bin/demo the "Simulator does not
> support Graphics Display Adapter" message shown.

I have studied options for graphic support on ARM in QEMU and there
is not much options.

The found candidates

  PL110 for ARM Integrator/CP, ARM Versatile and PB-A8
     - from these only "realview_pbx_a9_qemu" seems to be supported
       by RTEMS BSP
  framebuffer for PXA255 - this could work with "gumstix" RTEMS BSP
  OMAP LCDC for OMAP1 - but that is dated

For actual OMAP3/BeagleBoard supports seems to be only in the QEMU


and even RTEMS BSP is in the development and not in the mainline tree

It is possible to try Cirrus VGA for these ARM boards which support
PCI. But I think that none of RTEMS ARM BSPs supports PCI.

RTEMS QEMU scripts seems to support DIPLAY only for GUMSTIX.
So that one seems to be only usable target.

I may look at it little more but I am out of time now.

> So, I want to know you how to simulate the Microwindows with RTEMS for
> CSB336 port. Thanks for got your help!

We have never used QEMU for our Linux/RTEMS CSB336/PiMX1 development.
We have worked on real HW and for upper levels of RTEMS target SW
(i.e. graphics and Microwindows, SuiTk application logic etc)
we have used native X86 build for Xorg.

Best wishes,


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