[HansHuang]Which is Nano-X version as scr_mx1sl.c?

黄喜 huangxi_hans at 163.com
Thu Jul 24 10:29:46 UTC 2014

Hello Pavel,

        I'm very  glad to receive your mail again.

        I simulated successful the Microwindows with RTEMS on CentOS6.5, but I use the i386 tool chain compiled, I run many demos in microwin/src/bin directory. I used
GSoC 2012 Version of the RTEMS Graphics Toolkit

 I through below command simulate is Ok.

/path/to/pc386 -D -i /path/to/build/rtems-graphics-toolkit/microwin/src/bin/demo
And now, I change the cross compile tool ,it is ARM, I compile the gumstix BSP Ok, and I compile the RTEMSGraphicsToolkit successful also. Generate some demos in microwin/src/bin directory.
But I through rtems-testing/sim-scripts script file qemu-gumstix, gumstix, all failed.
I use    ./gumstix -D -i ../../rtems-graphics-toolkit/microwin/src/bin/demo the "cannot find skyeye" message shown.

I use  ./qemu-gumstix -D -i ../../rtems-graphics-toolkit/microwin/src/bin/demo the "Simulator does not support Graphics Display Adapter" message shown.

So, I want to know you how to simulate the Microwindows with RTEMS for CSB336 port. Thanks for got your help!

Best Regards!


At 2014-07-22 08:41:32, "Pavel Pisa" <ppisa4lists at pikron.com> wrote:
>Hello Hans,
>the MicroWindows/Nano-X structures little differs between
>versions. It is some time I have pointed you to examples
>so I do not exactly remember which version of our code
>I have pointed to. We use older MW version in sysless
>project because that version allows simpler adaptation
>for indirect framebuffer updates and 16 bit word based
>bitmaps/fonts acceleration for sub 8 BPP framebuffer
>We use newer versions with RTEMS which has better
>common bit-blit optimization for standard formats.
>But example should be straightforward.
>Sysless includes all required MW/NX source files directly.
>As for RTEMS graphic toolkit, it is based on actual sources.
>I am attaching patches for our HW which should apply to actual
>MW/NX GIT. But they are mainly meant as examples for you.
>I can prepare tarball of more MW versions which we use there
>but I do not expect that it has so big value. They are GIT
>or CVS snapshosts.
>Best wishes,
>                 Pavel
>On Thursday 17 of July 2014 09:42:04 黄喜 wrote:
>> Dear Pavel :
>> Nice to send mail to you again.
>> I browse the Microwindows code and found the order of member variables in
>> scrdev structure of scr_rtems.c is different from scr_mx1sl.c file. I
>> download the latest Microwindows code, May be your Microwindows code is
>> another old one.Right?
>> Thanks!
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