rtems dynamic library loading

Mihaela Panescu mihaela.panescu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 12:15:06 UTC 2014

I have a problem load a dynamic library using rtems and rtl.
I have a basic dynamic library which should print "hello" using printf, but
when the library is loaded with dlopen(), the "global symbol nout found:
puts" message is returned.

I compile the library in a similar way as rtld test:
 arm-rtems4.11-ar -rcs libbasic_math.a basic_math.o
rtems-ra --lib basic_math --output-path ./ --no-stdlibs --cc
arm-rtems4.11-gcc -Wl,-static  -L$(RTEMS_TOOLCHAIN)/arm-rtems4.11/lib -l c
 arm-rtems4.11-ar x libbasic_math.ra

I also tried to compile it with:
rtems-ld -o basic_math.elf -O a -n -b dll.exe -e Init --cc
arm-rtems4.11-gcc basic_math.o -L$(RTEMS_TOOLCHAIN)/arm-rtems4.11/lib -l c
, but no luck:

Thank you,
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