Debugging broken BSP suggestions?

James Fitzsimons james.fitzsimons at
Thu Mar 6 10:37:08 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I'm trying to get an old bsp working - the mrm332 bsp for a 68332 target. I
know it's old technology but I have one of these boards and it will be a
good fit for a project I want to do.

Unfortunately I don't think the mrm332 bsp can every have been in a working
state, or at least it isn't anymore.

I managed to get it kind of working by using the RAM linker script which
just dumps everything into RAM, of course you can only run your program
once and then you have to reload because the .data section gets hosed.

I think I'm close to a linker script to run out of ROM, but it seems to be
failing when it gets to bsp_get_work_area in bootcard.c. All I end up with
is garbage at the console. I've verified it works up to here by switching
on one of the onboard LED's just prior to the call to bsp_get_work_area.
I've also examined the memory (flash and RAM) and it all looks pretty good.
Moving the LED code to just after the call to bsp_get_work_area doesn't

I've gone over my linker script a dozen times. Anyone have any suggestions
as to how to debug this problem?

Many thanks!
James Fitzsimons
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