potential GSOC project: Improve the Raspberry Pi BSP

Andre Marques andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 15:04:37 UTC 2014


about the USB driver port from FreeBSD I am finding it difficult to 
gauge how much work it would involve, so I will follow your suggestion 
and look at something else.

As for GPIO I belive the work that has been done is this:


Am I right?

I also found a discussion on the best way of implementing the driver


but i am not sure if that came to a decision.

Meanwhile I will update the proposal with some basic info on the drivers.

--André Marques.

On 03/14/14 13:16, Andre Marques wrote:
> Hello,
> On 03/14/14 02:33, Alan Cudmore wrote:
>> Andre,
>> I think your project proposal looks good, but I wonder if including 
>> USB support is too much. There are low level "bare metal" USB 
>> examples out there for the Raspberry Pi, and that may serve as a 
>> starting point, but I think a real USB implementation will use the 
>> BSD library that has been ported to RTEMS. It may be possible, since 
>> there is a FreeBSD port to the Raspberry Pi. Maybe others can help here.
> I will take a look into this.
>> If you think that GPIO, SPI, and I2C are not enough, then you could 
>> always look at the framebuffer or SD card access.
> Yes, right now I am trying to clarify everything the best I can so I 
> don't end up with a lot more (or less) work than I can handle.
>> Finally, it may be necessary to have an Raspberry Pi and a few 
>> peripherals. For example, I have an inexpensive I2C compass module 
>> that I use with linux, and I have a breadboard wired up with LEDs to 
>> test GPIO.
> Right now I have access to a Raspberry Pi at the university, not sure 
> about the peripherals though. Anyway, if this projects really goes 
> forward I will get myself a raspberry and peripherals (I have already 
> some other components, like a breadboard, leds, wire, etc).
>> Thanks,
>> Alan
>> On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 8:32 PM, Alan Cudmore <alan.cudmore at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:alan.cudmore at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     I'm glad there is interest in this project. Andre, I will read
>>     your proposal and provide feedback.
>>     Joel, I was on the melange site and the system recognizes my
>>     account. Do I need to do anything to be a mentor for RTEMS?
>>     Alan
>>     On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 7:31 PM, Andre Marques
>>     <andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com
>>     <mailto:andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>         It is now on melange too.
>>         --André Marques.
>>         On 03/13/14 23:21, Hesham Moustafa wrote:
>>>         Hi Andre,
>>>         I quote from RTEMS SoC page :
>>>         http://www.google-melange.com! YOU CAN EDIT UNTIL THE
>>>         THROUGH Google!!!"
>>>         Regards,
>>>         Hesham
>>>         *
>>>         *
>>>         On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 1:16 AM, Andre Marques
>>>         <andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com
>>>         <mailto:andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>             Hello,
>>>             I just posted the first proposal draft for "Raspberry Pi
>>>             BSP Peripherals " in the RTEMS Wiki
>>>             http://wiki.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/RTEMSSummerOfCode
>>>             Any feedback is more than welcome. Should I post it
>>>             already in melange too?
>>>             --André Marques.
>>>             On 03/13/14 15:26, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>>>             On 3/13/2014 9:46 AM, Andre Marques wrote:
>>>>>             Hello,
>>>>>             I would be very interested in working in this project
>>>>>             because I'm currently trying to work with Raspberry Pi
>>>>>             and RTEMS for my undergraduate thesis, so this could
>>>>>             be a great followup to that for the summer.
>>>>>             I will need to do some reseach on it before making a
>>>>>             proposal (the time is also gettting shorter), but will
>>>>>             post a proposal draft very soon.
>>>>             This would be a great area to work. As Alan says, the
>>>>             list is likely too much for
>>>>             one student, so it seems likely that the work could be
>>>>             divided for two students
>>>>             working on different parts.
>>>>             For the Pi Master list, I would like to add the Geert
>>>>             board. That looks like something
>>>>             of interest to RTEMS folks.
>>>>             --joel
>>>>>             --André Marques.
>>>>>             On 03/13/14 11:23, Alan Cudmore wrote:
>>>>>>             ( I posted this to the rtems-devel list by mistake,
>>>>>>             my apologies for the duplicate message )
>>>>>>             f there are still potential GSOC students out there
>>>>>>             looking for a project, I would like to offer a
>>>>>>             potential project to work on: Improving the Raspberry
>>>>>>             Pi BSP. I would be happy to mentor a student for this
>>>>>>             project. Below is my description for the task.
>>>>>>             Thanks,
>>>>>>             Alan
>>>>>>             One of the RTEMS Open Projects is to contribute a BSP
>>>>>>             or Board Support Package for readily available
>>>>>>             boards. The Raspberry Pi is probably the most
>>>>>>             available board at $25 and $35 USD, and there have
>>>>>>             been over two million of these boards sold. The RTEMS
>>>>>>             head (4.11) currently has a basic BSP for the
>>>>>>             Raspberry Pi, supporting the CPU, a single UART, and
>>>>>>             timer. It is enough to run some basic RTEMS programs,
>>>>>>             but expanding the BSP to support peripherals will
>>>>>>             make it much more useful.
>>>>>>             For this project, the GSOC student could improve the
>>>>>>             peripheral support for the Raspberry Pi BSP.
>>>>>>             The peripherals we need to support (in order of
>>>>>>             increasing difficulty) include:
>>>>>>             1. GPIO (This has been done by one user, but is not
>>>>>>             integrated)
>>>>>>             2. I2C Bus
>>>>>>             3. SPI Bus
>>>>>>             4. Secure Digital card read and write support (using
>>>>>>             the SPI bus)
>>>>>>             5. Graphics / RTEMS Framebuffer Support (I have a
>>>>>>             graphics demo working in an RTEMS task)
>>>>>>             6. USB Device support
>>>>>>             7. HDMI/Graphics console (Requires framebuffer
>>>>>>             support and USB or GPIO connected keyboard device)
>>>>>>             8. Ethernet network support (Requires USB support)
>>>>>>             The entire list is probably too much for a single
>>>>>>             student to accomplish, so we can adjust the list of
>>>>>>             work according to what is possible.
>>>>>>             It may also be a good idea to add support for both
>>>>>>             models of the Raspberry Pi (256MB and 512MB) and be
>>>>>>             able to configure the memory map in the BSP to match
>>>>>>             the boot time split between the CPU and GPU memory.
>>>>>>             Finally, in order to do some of this coding, it may
>>>>>>             be necessary to come up with a more efficient way to
>>>>>>             load and debug code on the Raspberry Pi. Options
>>>>>>             include using U-boot or connecting a JTAG debug
>>>>>>             device to load code.
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