RTEMS - FreeBSD TFTP test problem.

Thomas Kim thomas73.kim at gmail.com
Thu May 15 06:42:40 UTC 2014

Dear Sir,

I am testing RTEMS FreeBSD networking using

At this time, testing code about dnstest, http  are OK.

When I try to test tftpTest, there is below problem.

Function flow for TFTP request is below;
  - rtems_tftp_open()
  - rtems_tftp_open_worker()
  - sendto()
  - udp_output()
  - ip_output() ==> My problem is here !!!

Normal case using TCP, if_output() function entry in ip_output is
But, abnormal case using UDP, if_output() function entry is looutout().
It mean that UDP is tring to use loopback interface.

I don't know the reason about this problem.

Please could you let me know how to resolve this ?

Best Regards.
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