How to use rtems on an Leon3 Multicore

Kempf, Fabian Ernst-Wilhelm uadoi at
Mon May 19 19:11:15 UTC 2014

I would like to use it on a Leon3 Multiprocessor architecture.

Does someone know an tutorial or how I can set up one.

I saw on Aeorflex Gaißler it is possible to create for each note a file witch I can load into the memory,

but I stuck on their toolchain. Therefore and I was already able to compile the native rtems, not using Gaißler once I would like how to do it or isn't it so easy?

I prefer the two file because I have to simulate it with an simulator written in SystemC, which I found. Its only an single core simulator but I think it inst too hard to another core with its own program storage and a shared data storage.

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