Debugging on ZedBoard BSP?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Oct 10 23:14:00 UTC 2014

On 8/10/2014 4:06 am, Steve B wrote:
> I was trying to get an application up and running on the ZedBoard BSP,
> but haven't had much luck debugging.
> I can try loading the application binary either through XMD, or through
> the arm-rtems-4.11-gdb and it seems to crash out fairly consistently,
> and leaving me no stack trace to see what was last executed (so I assume
> the stack has overflowed or is otherwise corrupted?). If I try to set
> any breakpoints, the program crashes somewhere before where it would
> crash if I let it run freely, and once again I have nothing to backtrace.
> Does anyone have any experience trying to single step debug on the ZedBoard?

Not with the ZedBoard but I do have experience with the Zynq. I know 
some people have worked with xmd and when I last talked to them about it 
xmd was fragile with gdb in the remote server mode.

What boot mode is the processor in ?

Have you generated a system from the hardware tools ?
Which version of the hardware and sdk tool are you using ?

I am currently using a hacked version of openocd. There is a patch in 
openocd gerrit related to nested ROM tables that is needed to get at the 
2 DAPs. I am using a flyswatter2 and a 20-to-14 pin adaptor avnet sell 
(at a price).


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