How to build SMP RTEMS?

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Tue Dec 15 22:28:21 UTC 2015

For instance I do not know if RTEMS runs on the AllWinner ARMS, but a
board like this looks interesting:

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>Hello Dwaine,
>I think you could look at the Zynq on a Xilinx board. There may be some
>MIPS systems or x86 SBCs.
>Which brings up a point that we may want to have a hardware list
>(alphabetical + maybe there is one) on the Wiki, with a table of whether
>RTEMS has run on it.
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>>Is there a list of BSPs and targets that support SMP in RTEMS?
>>I'm looking for other multi-core systems other than sparc to possibly
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>>>>>>>I'm looking for documentation on how to build the SMP version of
>>>>>>Use --enable-smp for your configure command line.  We have an SMP
>>>>>>in the user manual.  Unfortunately, the automatic documentation
>>>>>>doesn't work currently, so better build the docs from the sources.
>>>>>Where can I find instructions on how to manually build the
>>>>>from source code?
>>>>It seems that this is nowhere documented. I use this
>>>>cd doc
>>>>mkdir b-doc
>>>>cd b-doc
>>>>../configure --enable-maintainer-mode
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