RTEMS for QorIQ T2080rdb

Prokesch Richard Richard.Prokesch at ait.ac.at
Wed Feb 25 13:07:39 UTC 2015


I'm new to RTEMS and for a start I compiled the tool chain (using rtems source builder) and RTEMS for the i386 Target on Linux host.
That worked all fine. I was able to start the hello.exe in Qemu.

I discovered recently that a RTEMS BSP for T2080rdb does exist in git-repository.
So I wanted to try RTEMS it on my T2080rdb. 
I compiled the tool chain using rtems source builder for PowerPC target. That worked without any problems.

When I tried to compile RTEMS for T2080rdb I had to disable Altivec in order to get it compiled without linking errors.
I set the CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET  environment variable by using the following command line :
export  CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET="-mno-altivec"

My first try compiling it with enabled smp and multiprocessing ( --enable-smb --enable-multiprocessing ) was without success. 
It gave me linking errors as well when combined with --enable-tests=samples

By using the following configuration compiling RTEMS and samples worked (and I got a hello.exe in testsuits/hello path):

../rtems-git/configure --target=powerpc-rtems4.11 \
     --enable-rtemsbsp=qoriq_t4240rdb \
     --enable-tests=samples \
     --enable-cxx \
     --enable-networking \
     --enable-rdbg \

I used this hello.exe to generate a U-Boot image (load address=4000, start address=4000)

powerpc-rtems4.11-objcopy -Obinary hello.exe hello.bin
mkimage -A ppc -O rtems -T kernel -C none -a 4000 -e 4000 -n "RTEMS ticker" -d hello.bin rtems_hello.img

Transferred the image rtems_hello.img to my T2080rdb hardware and tried to boot it with "bootm".

U-Boot recognized the image, loaded it, transferred control to the image, but then stopped with no text output.
I'm using a Debugger that is connected to serial interface on the T2080rdb (with 19200 Baud). Booting Linux on that
T2080rdb works fine.

So my question is: 
Did I forgot something or is it the BSP for T2080rdb not yet ready for booting on the T2080rdb?

Thank you,

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