Build problems with source-builder compiling 4.11-arm with ADA

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sun Feb 8 21:46:46 UTC 2015

On February 8, 2015 3:20:16 PM CST, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
>On 8/02/2015 7:46 pm, Jan Sommer wrote:
>> Am Samstag, 7. Februar 2015, 14:55:38 schrieb Joel Sherrill:
>>>  RTEMS provides this file You have to install RTEMS before building
>>> Ada. I
>>> don't know how the RSB handles this but the old scripts knew to
>>> C and
>>> install it, RTEMS and install it, and then build C/Ada together with
>>> passing CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET to point to RTEMS.
>>>  I know I posted patches to GCC to get Ada honoring that flag
>recently. I
>>> think I committed that to GCC 4.9 and head. Not sure about 4.8 and
>>> know if
>>> needed, the RSB doesn't include the patch.
>>>  I have some local patches to the scripts in rtems-testing/gcc which
>>> predate
>>> the RSB and were always primarily used to test GCC. I will try to
>>> those up and commit them.
>> I just noticed that I cloned from an old repository
>> ( which was
>still at
>> version 0.2.
>I have removed this repo. I am sorry about the confusion this created.
>> I now cloned from the (hopefully) right repository
>> (
>Yes this is fine and I see from the report you have the latest commit.
>> According to the log file it seems that the script is now compiling
>> multilib support, but in the end it fails with the same error.
>> Attached is the rsb-report I get (now with gcc-4.9.2).
>I do not follow what is happening because there is no --enable-multilib
>support in the RTEMS kernel configuration script and I cannot see how 
>you enabled a kernel build because there is no --with-rtems on the 
>command line. Note --enable-multilib is broken and should not be used.

Actually --enable-multilib is in RTEMS and used to be used to ensure cpukit rules were followed.

Ada can be built though by installing the desired BSP and ensuring that it is used via CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET  passed to the GCC Ada build.

>I do see your cloned repo has been modified so I was wondering if 
>something local you have changed is causing a problem.
>I also see --with-ada has been used. Do you want an Ada tool set ?
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