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Wed Feb 18 14:09:33 UTC 2015

On February 18, 2015 8:02:40 AM CST, Gedare Bloom <gedare at> wrote:
>Hi Andrew,
>The examples located in testsuites are intended to be compiled with
>RTEMS and will not work by copying them elsewhere. For compiling an
>application, you should have a look at the examples-v2.git repository
>[1]. That should have more info about using RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH, and
>also has a newer approach to compiling applications for RTEMS that
>uses the Waf build system. I highly recommend checking out the
>waf-based approach to compiling applications as it has some great
>features, albeit at a slight learning curve.

The examples there are also more oriented to being examples than being part of a test suite. Even ticker is simplified. But there is a simple hello world and others.

>On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 8:16 PM, Andrew Harris <andrew.unit at>
>> Hello,  I'm trying to figure out how to start a new RTEMS
>application.  I
>> thought I would start by looking at the ticker example.  I copied the
>> example but I am not sure how to compile it.  I am not an expert in
>> autoconf/automake and could use some assistance on how to get
>started.  I
>> think I figured out how to configure my RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH variable,
>> the only two files in the ticker example are and
>> and I don't know what to do next to build it.  Any help would be
>> appreciated!
>> -andrew
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