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Thu Jan 15 06:55:14 UTC 2015

On 15/01/2015 8:47 AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> The Pi has the NIC attached to the USB so you need the new TCP/IP stack [*]
> and Ethernet over USB worked out.
> The Beagle has a NIC and a working LWIP port mentioned on the list. It
> would
> probably be better served by getting the driver going for the new TCP/IP
> stack [*].
> I have a test that might be of interest. I wrote it for someone who was
> evaluating
> hardware to do samples on about 18 analogs and dump them UDP as fast as
> possible. They were unsure of sample rate, possibility of doing
> computation or
> transformation on the input, and buffering between sampling and network
> writer thread. You could tune a lot of parameters in this to see where the
> sweet spot was. Buffer more and you get less calls to the TCP/IP stack
> and higher
> output. But you may be trading off latency. You might find it useful for
> tinkering.

So the Beagle has an RTEMS bsp already that works?

Looks like it has more grunt than PI

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