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On 1/14/2015 3:09 PM, angelo fraietta wrote:
> Thanks
> I will need to run 7 I2S devices in parallel, so I thought I might treat 
> them like a big parallel bus. I had a look at Rasberry PI as it has a 
> faster processing speed than NXP, and is significantly cheaper.
> I remember discussion a while back on Raspberry PI but I don't know the 
> status. Is there a BSP for that for RTMES that supports Network and 
> monitor. I don't need USB or disk storage.
The Pi has the NIC attached to the USB so you need the new TCP/IP stack [*]
and Ethernet over USB worked out.

The Beagle has a NIC and a working LWIP port mentioned on the list. It
probably be better served by getting the driver going for the new TCP/IP
stack [*].

I have a test that might be of interest. I wrote it for someone who was
hardware to do samples on about 18 analogs and dump them UDP as fast as
possible. They were unsure of sample rate, possibility of doing
computation or
transformation on the input, and buffering between sampling and network
writer thread. You could tune a lot of parameters in this to see where the
sweet spot was. Buffer more and you get less calls to the TCP/IP stack
and higher
output. But you may be trading off latency. You might find it useful for

* The new TCP/IP stack is a port of FreeBSD 9's.
> Thanks
> On 14/01/2015 5:20 PM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> Hello,
>> you may have a look at the LPC1700 or LPC4000 chips from NXP. They 
>> have an I2S module which may simplify things for you.
>> On 14/01/15 04:08, angelo fraietta wrote:
>>> Greetings
>>> Is there a list of hardware boards that run RTEMS. I am targeting a 
>>> board where I can do interrupts at about 1.5Mhz because I will be 
>>> using an I2S input at 48Khz sample rate.
>>> Any suggestions on a board?
>>> Thanks
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