net-snmp using RSB

Adit Sahasrabudhe asahasra at
Thu Jul 16 14:54:34 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I’m trying to build the net-snmp package for the altera cyclone V development kit. I performed the following steps:

  1.  Install ARM toolset using RTEMS source builder: ../source-builder/sb-set-builder --log=l-cvdk-local.txt --prefix=/home/dev/development/rtems/4.11 4.11/rtems-arm
  2.  Download RTEMS from git, using master branch (4.11)
  3.  Performed bootstrap, configure, make, make install: ../rtems/configure --target=arm-rtems4.11 --enable-rtemsbsp=altcycv_devkit --prefix=/home/dev/development/rtems/4.11
  4.  Successfully built hello_world_c application, so my toolset and BSP are correctly installed.
  5.  Next, I use RTEMS source builder to install SNMP: ../source-builder/sb-set-builder --log=rtems-snmp.log --prefix=/home/dev/development/rtems/4.11/ --with-tools=/home/dev/development/rtems/4.11/ --host=arm-rtems4.11 --with-rtems-bsp=altcycv_devkit 4.11/net-mgmt/net-snmp

All of these steps completed without error, but when I look in my BSP folder in my RTEMS install, I expected to see a libnetsnmp, but there is none. I tried compiling the example application here (, but I get linker errors for undefined symbols for all of the variables and functions that are supposed to be defined in the library.

Any idea what I may have missed? I wanted to attach my net-snmp build log, but the file is too big. Let me know if it might be helpful.


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