net-snmp using RSB

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Jul 17 23:52:40 UTC 2015

On 18/07/2015 7:14 am, Adit Sahasrabudhe wrote:
> Thank you for explaining that Chris. We could see the package being built
> into a tmp directory, but it would just get deleted, so that clarifies it.

I am still working on a fix. I have created a ticket
( because the RSB was
branched yesterday.

> One more question though. We modified the source builder python, so that
> it doesn¹t delete the built files. 

A good work around.

> We then manually installed those files
> into our RTEMS installation (under our BSP).

I assume into the target component of the path under the prefix ?

> It¹s still unclear how to use
> this library. The example code on the package page seems to indicate that
> a binary is meant to be generated and then Untar¹d into a memory location.

The wiki page needed some formatting. I have updated the wiki page to
show you the example of how to start the agent. Please check it again.

> If this is correct, where does that binary come from? 

The NetSNMP code is pulled in from the libnetsnmp.a library and linked
to your application to create a single statically linked executable.

> There are a couple
> of extern int declarations showing the start and end addresses of memory
> for that extraction. Do we need to modify our linker scripts to define
> those locations?

The example show one way to embed files into your application. We tend
to do this for the examples so they can build on all suitable BSPs. If
you have a disk such as JFFS2, SD card, or a ATA disk you can use that
for the files.

The NetSNMP agent requires some configuration files to run. The
documentation points out the /etc/snmpd.conf file. You need to create
one match that matches your needs. The NetSNMP documentation explains
the conf file format.


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