net-snmp using RSB

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Fri Jul 17 21:14:54 UTC 2015

Thank you for explaining that Chris. We could see the package being built
into a tmp directory, but it would just get deleted, so that clarifies it.

One more question though. We modified the source builder python, so that
it doesn¹t delete the built files. We then manually installed those files
into our RTEMS installation (under our BSP). It¹s still unclear how to use
this library. The example code on the package page seems to indicate that
a binary is meant to be generated and then Untar¹d into a memory location.
If this is correct, where does that binary come from? There are a couple
of extern int declarations showing the start and end addresses of memory
for that extraction. Do we need to modify our linker scripts to define
those locations?


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>On 17/07/2015 9:05 am, Chris Johns wrote:
>>> Any idea what I may have missed? I wanted to attach my net-snmp build
>>> log, but the file is too big. Let me know if it might be helpful.
>> The install prefix the package is using seems wrong. It is putting the
>> package under the build host under the prefix you provide. I will need
>> to take a closer to look at how the package installs to see what I can
>I have a taken a closer look and the issue is a little more complex that
>I thought. The NetSNMP build uses --host and --build, which is normal,
>however this tripped logic in the RSB which made it think it was a
>Canadian cross (Cxc) build so it did not install the package once built.
>Cxc builds do not install because the resulting packages are for a
>different host and often the prefix used is not writable on the build
>host. Fixing NetSNMP broken the Cxc build of the tools. I am working
>through the issues and have NetSNMP building and the Cxc is still not
>Joel, this needs to be fixed for the branch.
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