Build with RSB - I got lost.

Stanisław Grzeszczak stgrzeszczak at
Thu Mar 26 14:29:37 UTC 2015


I'm a newcomer to RTEMS. The GSoC/GettingStarted
<> and Quick_Start
<> pages led me to
the RSB. I've followed the RSB <> instructions
and built the toolset and RTEMS using the --with-rtems option. Now, I
wanted to get back to the GSOC/GettingStarted and Quick_Start instructions.

Question 0: Should I still run the bootstrap, configure and make scripts,
or did the RSB run them?

Both tutorials mention testing the build by running a gdb session on a test
program. I tried to build  the "Hello" example with gcc; however,
sparc-rtems4.11-gcc is unable to find the necessary header files. I tried
sparc-rtems4.11-cpp -v and the include paths do not match the locations
where rtems.h, rtems/test.h and others can be found.

Q 1: Do the mismatched paths mean that the build went wrong? Or should I
just fix the paths by hand, or move the lib/include folders?
(Q 2: Should the examples have already been built along with everything

I'd appreciate any help regarding my questions. Should I include any
additional information?

Thank you,
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