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Nick Withers nick.withers at
Fri May 15 01:02:14 UTC 2015

On Thu, 2015-05-14 at 15:24 +0000, Wu, Mark H. wrote:
> I'm evaluating RTEMS for use on a project I'm working on, and have several questions. I'll probably use 4.11, but since the documentation is only available for 4.10, I'll ask regarding the documentation.

Hello Mark,

I can't speak to remote debugging on the x86 I'm afraid, but I think you
might be misinterpreting the version numbers on the 4.11 doco.

Here it is online:

It's marked as version "" because it's not quite 4.11 (which is
coming soon!).

If this is the confusion, it's happened before :-)
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