Windows and QEMU

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Thanks Gedare. 

I tried building qemu and it failed trying to create cyggettextlib-0-18-3.dll:
.libs/execute.o:execute.c:(.rdata$.refptr.environ[.refptr.environ]+0x0): undefined reference to `environ'

So I have an error:
Makefile:2507: recipe for target '' failed

I'm not that familiar with the low-level components of the build chain and tools, so fixing this is probably well beyond my capability. In the meantime, I tried to download an older QEMU (listed as 1.2.90), but gdb can't connect to it at all. 

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On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 10:04 AM, Wu, Mark H. <Mark.H.Wu at> wrote:
> I downloaded QEMU from <>. It was the lasted version (2.3.0). What version is compatible with 4.11? Do I need to build it myself for RTEMS compatibility? Almost all of the links in <> send you to a "Page Not Found" error... and I can't locate the corresponding files in the git repository.
We relocated some services and the FTP links are broken. I fixed
those, they should be instead of

RSB has support for building Qemu that may be informative [1, 2]. It
checks out a specific commit from the qemu git. I know this isn't a
terribly user-friendly answer, but it might be enough to get started.

RTEMS current support for building and running tools on Windows is not
great. You might get further using a VM than you do using MinGW, but
others may have advice on MinGW. Usually some time after a release
happens, those tools tend to become more stable. I believe we intend
for Windows support to improve in the future especially as we get away
from certain GNU tools in the RTEMS build dependencies.


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> On 5/28/2015 5:44 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
>> On 29/05/2015 3:54 am, Wu, Mark H. wrote:
>>> I've finally got some code ported to RTEMS, and have tried executing it, but get nothing but a dreaded Executive Shutdown. Now I'm trying to set up QEMU so I can debug it (no remote debugging yet!), and am having trouble following the instructions on the website <>. I have QEMU downloaded and running (I get the same shutdown), so I've got a good start. I've launched the gdbserver oh QEMU, but I can't connect to it from gdb (through the Cygwin environment). I get the error:
>> Which QEMU executable did you download ?
>> Are the cygwin tools the latest built by the RSB ?
>>> warning: unrecognized item "timeout" in "qSupported" response
>>> from gdb.
> This looks like a gdb protocol mismatch. Chris question on where
> qemu came from and which version is important here.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> I'll even take any other ideas for debugging this system. I suspect it's faulting in one of the constructors, but a liberal dose of printk's isn't helping. It seems like the console-printing code is working (I do get the shutdown messages), but I am not getting any of my own printk's whatsoever.
>> It looks like the versions of tools are not compatible.
> Is the console coming to a serial port or the video?
> If you based the qemu invocation on one of my scripts, it disables
> the video from qemu so you might not see output if things are going
> there.
>> Chris
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