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RTEMS  is in the process of releasing 4.11. I guess the RSB now builds
4.12 tools by default to use with the master branch. You may like to
try using the 4.11 branch of RTEMS, and explicitly select the 4.11

On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 10:05 AM, Mike Westfall <mike at> wrote:
> Hi, I am thinking about ordering a Beagleboard xM.
> So, I'm trying to get the RTEMS development system for it set up by
> following the instructions at
> The building of qemu-linaro failed because of a spurious 'typedef' at line
> 71 of .../hw/misc/twl4031.c
> I fixed this by editing
> $HOME/development/rtems/sources/rtems-source-builder/bare/config/devel/qemu-linaro-git-1.cfg
> and changed 'qemu_version' to the latest commit (which is
> e571600c4a260d3072abbe7ecf2013e48e82bea7).
> Next, when configuring the BSPs, I neeeded to add
> '--prefix=$HOME/development/rtems/4.11', otherwise when you make it tries to
> find things under /opt/rtems/something...
> Even after that fix, the build still fails, eventually yielding this:
> rtems-syms -e -c "-mcpu=cortex-a8 -O2 -g -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes
> -Wimplicit-function-declaration -Wstrict-prototypes -Wnested-externs" -o
> dl-sym.o dl01.pre
> : error trying to exec 'arm-rtems4.12-gcc': execvp: No such file or
> directory
> What? Why is it looking for arm-rtems4.12-gcc??? So far I've been
> unsuccessful in tracking that down.
> Anybody have a clue what's going on here?
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> Mike Westfall
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