GPIO API, rtems_semaphore_obtain fails

Steve B sbattazzo at
Fri Oct 30 22:25:28 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

I've gotten around to updating my rtems src from the git repo, to a new
version that includes the GPIO API commit and the Beaglebone Black BSP work
contributed by Ketul Shah.

I'm trying to simply do

sc = rtems_gpio_request_pin(LED1, DIGITAL_OUTPUT, false, false, NULL);
assert(sc == RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL);

And at runtime I see:

assertion "rtems_semaphore_obtain(gpio_bank_state[bank].lock, RTEMS_WAIT,
line 1319, function: rtems_gpio_request_pin

I have called rtems_gpio_initialize() which I see is the function that
creates gpio_bank_state[bank].lock and this has returned RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL
before the above error happens.
I have also tried this on both Rev B and Rev C Beaglebone Black hardware,
with the same result.

Any thoughts on what might cause this?

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