RTEMS on Zynq Microzed

Davide Viti zinosat at tiscali.it
Thu Oct 1 15:34:59 UTC 2015

Hi Jeff,

2015-10-01 15:54 GMT+02:00 Webb, Jeffrey A. <jeff.webb at nta-inc.net>:

> That is basically the process I followed, although I used the Xilinx xsdk
> tool.  (I did not know about the open source tool -- I will try it when I
> get a chance.  Do you still use the Xilinx tools to generate the fsbl, or
> something else?)  There seems to be a somewhat long delay when I boot up my
> RTEMS application the first time, and there is some issue with the serial
> port driver that causes missing characters at first.   I usually push the
> reset button, and things clear up on subsequent reboots.  Anyway, it sounds
> like there may need to be some changes to the bsp for the microzed, or at
> least some configuration parameters.  Did you look in the BSP configure
> script for options like clock rates that may need to be changed?  I had to
> change the peripheral clock configure option to get the ticker.exe tasks to
> run at the proper rate, although this didn't seems to alter the baud rate
> settings.  I might be able to get my hands on a microzed, but it will
> probably be a couple weeks before I
>   have time to try that.
> -Jeff

I installed petalinux and did not spend too much time working with it, so
I'm rather unexperienced with most of the things I'm talking about...

Using a freely available tool, I avoided installing the Xilinx SDK and
having to handle licenses and stuff, which I would need only for the
bootgen utility:
I had previously verified that a project compiled with petalinux and a
BOOT.BIN generated with mkbootimage is working  properly on the target.

The fsbl.elf file is taken from the images folder of an existing (random)
petalinux project I built in the past.

As for the settings, I assumed it should work out-of the box: in buildroot
nothing had to be changed.
Today I tried to rebuild the BSP switching uart0 with uart1: uboot dts file
defines serial0=&uart1, whereas I noticed that in RTEMS /dev/ttyS0 is
associated to UART_0, /dev/ttyS1 is associated to UART_1. I'm totally new
to rtems so I might have done something utterly wrong.

I notice that with uboot, after loading the bitstream, the blue led lights
up: after running the "bootm" command, nothing comes out of the serial, but
the led stays blue.
whereas, f I run on purpose at the wrong address, so that the board hangs,
the led switches off.

If you have some ideas to test, and the patience to give me a few advices,
I'll be happy to try those.

Thank you
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