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Gene Smith gds at
Wed Sep 2 03:51:17 UTC 2015

On 08/31/2015 04:31 PM, Adam Sjøgren wrote:
> gds at writes:
>> #gmane.os.rtems.users   users at
>>    List for users needing help using RTEMS realtime operating system
>> This list has updated its address to users at but still accepts
>> the old address rtems-users at However, only messages with the
>> original address rtems-users at appear on gmane or in an
>> associated news reader.
>> Ideally this can be fixed at gmane and messages with both addresses
>> will be received at group name gmane.os.rtems.user. If not, a new
>> group, per the request above, with the name gmane.os.rtems.users can
>> be created.
> I have updated the group to correspond to the new list address.
>    Best regards,
>      Adam

Thanks! Now message sent to either address
users at
rtems-users at
are appearing in my news reader.


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