EWili'15 call for participation at ESWEEK in Amsterdam

Gedare Bloom gedare at rtems.org
Wed Sep 9 13:34:58 UTC 2015

See the announcement below. This year, there is (at least) one paper
related to RTEMS.


Call For Participation

EWiLi'15, the 5th Embedded Operating System Workshop Held in
conjunction with ESWEEK October the 8th 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Aim and Scopes

EWiLi, the embedded operating system workshop, aims at presenting
state-of-the-art research, experimentations, significant and original
realizations that focus on the design and implementation of embedded
operating systems in both academic and industrial worlds.

You can find information about the program, registation, and venue on :
   - Program: http://syst.univ-brest.fr/ewili2015/program/
   - Registration and Venue information: http://www.esweek.org/

8h15 AM Welcome

8h30 – 9h30 AM  Keynote speaker: Pr. Neil Audsley, Dept. of Computer
Science,  University of York, UK (website:

    Session 1: Scheduling analysis
9h30 – 10h AM   Performance Evaluation of RUNT Algorithm. Hiroyuki
Chishiro, Masayoshi Takasu, Rikuhei Ueda and Nobuyuki Yamasaki.

10h – 10h 30 AM Coffee Break – Poster session

    Session 1 : Scheduling analysis (continued)
10h30 – 11h AM  Fuzzy Logic Based Adaptive Hierarchical Scheduling for
Periodic Real-Time Tasks. Tom Springer, Steffen Peter and Tony
11h – 11h30 AM  Abstract Timers and their Implementation onto the ARM
Cortex-M family of MCUs. Per Lindgren, Marcus Lindner, Andreas
Lindner, Emil Fresk, David Pereira and Luis Miguel Pinho.
11h30 – 12h AM  Cache-Aware Real-Time Scheduling Simulator:
Implementation and Return of Experience. Hai Nam Tran, Frank Singhoff,
Stéphane Rubini and Jalil Boukhobza.

12h AM – 1h30 PM        Lunch

1h30 – 2h30 PM  Keynote Speaker : Julien Marechal, R&D Engineer at
Thales Communications & Security, France. Talk: Thales Communications
and Security, radio communications and embedded world.

     Session 2 : Operating systems: I/O and memory
2h30 – 3h PM    Exploring Storage Bottlenecks in Linux-based Embedded
Systems. Russell Joyce and Neil Audsley.

3h – 3h30 PM    Coffee Break – Poster session

     Session 2 : Operating Systems: I/O and memory (continued)
3h30 – 4h PM    Supporting Virtualization Standard for Network Devices
in RTEMS Real-Time Operating System. Jin-Hyun Kim, Sang-Hun Lee and
Hyun-Wook Jin.
4h – 4h30 PM    GCMA: Guaranteed Contiguous Memory Allocator. Seongjae
Park, Minchan Kim and Heon Y. Yeom.

     Session 3: Monitoring and Adaptability
 4h30 – 5h PM   Autonomic Thread Scaling Library for QoS Management.
Gianluca Durelli and Marco Domenico Santambrogio.
5h – 5h30 PM    Towards Integration of Adaptability and Non-Intrusive
Runtime Verification in Avionic Systems. José Rufino.

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