GSOC2016 Project : RTEMS improvement for Jailhouse hypervisor

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Fri Apr 29 07:49:39 UTC 2016

Hello all,
I am Wonjun Hwang. I am a GSoC student working on the project of RTEMS improvement for Jailhouse hypervisor. I'm working towards a master's degree at Chungnam national university in Republic of Korea. I am interested in Dynamic binary translation, virtualization, hypervisor. I am working for national research about space. following my lab's seniors I am working about virtualization project.PDF :

The Jailhouse Linux-based partitioning hypervisor is also associated with the QEMU/KVM communities. Initial version of Jailhouse developed x86 BSP. RTEMS also support x86, RTEMS can be easily as Jailhouse “inmate”. But Jailhouse needs required step for porting. The project aims to Integration, Merging, Fixup of existing support for Jailhouse and port support for other architectures (ARM).
Thanking you,Wonjun Hwang.
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