How to install a GNAT cross-compiler and toolset?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Apr 6 05:35:28 UTC 2016

On 5/04/2016 5:57 AM, Jan Sommer wrote:
> Yes, it took some time to figure out how circumvent some of the issues.
> You might try to follow the instructions given here:

Great page.

> If you find some missing or incorrect steps, please report them.

I wonder if using a separate macro file would be simpler than altering 
the RSB configurations file. The --macros option allows you to pass in a 
user specific set of RSB macros for this purpose. Have a look at:

as an example. The snapshots are selected as shown in:

I see 4.8, 4.9, and 6 do not have these. Maybe:

  # Select Snapshot Macro Maps
  %select gcc-snapshot
  %select newlib-snapshot
  %select mpfr-snapshot
  %select mpc-snapshot
  %select gmp-snapshot

Should be added to gcc-common-1.cfg.

If you run with '--trace --dry-run' the log file will show you the macro 
names and you can debug what is happening including how the hashes are 

The nice thing about doing this is the logs and reports that are install 
are true to what you have built. You can also provide a specific macro 
file for users.


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