Is there any framebuffer testcases?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Apr 14 06:12:14 UTC 2016

On 08/04/2016 15:46, Peng Fan wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> I hacked rtems-source-builder to build graphics toolkit and commented
> out libtiff and t1lib. As following:
> #
> # All RTEMS 4.12 Graphics Sets
> #
> %define rtems_version 4.12
> %define rtems_arch arm
> %include rtems-base.bset
> graphics/libjpeg
> graphics/libpng
> #graphics/libtiff
> #graphics/t1lib

I have sorted out the RSB so all these packages build cleanly and in a 
manner we can support. I need to sort a few things out then I hope to 
push the changes.

> graphics/nxlib

... which includes microwindows and that has problems.

>  From src/rtems/readme.rtems of microwindows, it says there are a few
> demos under src/bin.
> But i only see "convbdf  convbmp  makebmp".
> Could you please point me where to find the demo?
> I see a rtems_init.c file and it was compiled to rtems_init.o, But I
> have no idea where is the demo.
> Do I need to write a demo from scratch? Do you have reference code if
> need to write a demo from my side?

The Microwindows support is messy. The package references a personal 
github repo, the RSB support is only for Linux and Microwindows is in 
need of build system attention. Microwindows build support is gcc, gnu 
make, and RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH centric and this last one is a dead end. 
No other 3rd party package needs this file. Forcing gcc for the host 
means a standard FreeBSD install does not work.

Microwindows can be hacked so we can make it build however where do we 
keep the patches and support long term. I am not comfortable with a 
personal repo that could change at any point in time, it is personal 
after all.


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